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Blog blog blog blog blog
(to be sung to the tune of “The Thong Song”)

So, why blog? When I first heard of this whole thing called blogging, I had but one thought: Who freaking cares? I mean, who really wants to know if you painted the bathroom today, what you had for lunch, the fight you got in with your best friend? Face it – no one wants to read your diary.

So, what changed my mind? A couple of things…

First of all, I learned how many people get their information from blogs. Blogging seems somewhat generational, too. Like, young people (i.e., those college, high and middle school students I present for) are more likely to blog and read blogs.

Secondly, even with the monthly Marcus Engel Newsletter, I still have more to share. Hopefully, the stuff in this blog will benefit you, the reader.

Thirdly, (is that a word?) this blog will be a new and creative outlet. Don’t expect every entry to be another Marcus Engel Newsletter. Quite the opposite, in fact. Just this morning, I read a story about a girl in Memphis, TN who was arrested for hiring a hitman to kill four male acquaintances. Why is this something I’d blog? Because it’s just so darned weird! Okay, not only did she hire a hitman, but it was because of cheese. Yes, cheese. Apparently, the girl was a cokehead and happened to be at the guys’ home. There she spotted a brick of cheese and mistook it for some Peruvian marching powder. Her feeble little mind thought, “The only way I can get that stuff is to kill these guys.” So, she went out, hired a hitman (a.k.a. undercover cop) and, well, let’s just say she didn’t get away with it.

There! That’s the kind of ridiculous story that I read every day. God bless the internet! So, due to the absurdity of such stories, I’ll share stuff like this with you, the blog reader.

But fear not! There’ll still be plenty of good old all-American life lessons like the newsletter – just more of them! So, keep in mind that there IS a Marcus Engel blog now and it has the clever name of Engel’s Ensights. Drop on in, take a read, leave a comment, enjoy!


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  • Anonymous

    awesome! glad 2 c u r up and running!

  • Ron Graham

    Hey Marc!

    The blog looks great. I’m glad to see you get it up and running.

    Mighty cool name there. You’re pretty creative, Bro!

    Welcome to the blogosphere.


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