The Things a Texan Hates

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Ray Wiley Hubbard. Yep, awesome, awesome alt. country singer/songwriter guy. Picked up a copy of one of his CDs right before Christmas and I’m now officially addicted to it. The best song on the CD is this catchy little ditty about how Ray Wiley dreams he dies and goes to hell. While in hell, the devil shows him around. There, in the lake of fire, he shows where all the politicians, murderers, rapists and Nashville record executives now live. Now, we all know that, with the exception of Nashville record executives, all the others named probably are burning for eternity. Ha! Do I sound like I’m throwing some brimstone at ya? Trust me. I ain’t (that grammar is the Texas comin’ out in me).

Anyway, one of the other inhabitants of hell is, as Ray Wiley states, the place where live “all the mothers who wait until they get to K-Mart to spank their kids-instead of showing them what’s right they just hit them for what they did.”

And bam! Smack dab in the middle of a tongue and cheek tune about all the things a Texan hates in the world is… a lesson. Now, I’m by no means Dr. Spock. I mean, I’m not even a parent, but it does make a ton of sense to show individuals how to behave instead of correcting a behavior they actually perform. This isn’t rocket science, folks, but it DOES seem like something that I, for one, haven’t been able to put into words. And here’s a self-proclaimed Texas redneck who can put it into words better than Dr. Phil. Once again, pop culture teaches a lesson that can’t be verbalized in a self-help book.

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