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Home. Fire. Movies on cable. NOT being out partying with all the amateurs.
That’s the way my New Year’s Eve was designed… and that’s the way it’s turning out.

So, was watching the news this afternoon and everyone is showing New Year’s celebrations across the globe. Obviously there are different time zones and the further east one goes, the sooner it gets to the New Year. Well, I’m watching these celebrations by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq this afternoon and thinking how cool it is that there are tons of different ways to celebrate the New Year. Moreover, how cool is it that it seems the New Year’s celebration is actually recognized worldwide? Not everyone celebrates Christmas, not everyone celebrates Hanukkah, not everyone celebrates 4th of July, not everyone celebrates Boxing Day (come on, Canadians, is this a real holiday?)… but, unless you’re some weird animal cult that divides time on a different scale than everyone else on the planet, you are celebrating New Year’s. And, how cool is that? We can barely agree on what to order at dinner most of the time, much less on religious and cultural celebrations, so this is especially cool to see folks around the world all celebrating the same thing.

Enjoy it, folks, and here’s to a great 06!

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    happy new year!!

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