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Taiwanese scientists have created green pigs that glow in the dark. No, I’m not kidding. Goggle it if you don’t believe me.

So, some scientist (anyone want to bet he’s a stoner?) figured out that taking a protein from a jellyfish and injecting it into the embryo of a pig will produce (what else?) pigs that glow green in the dark. And apparently these pigs don’t just glow green, they ARE green, inside and out. Bones, organs, everything. I do not like this, Sam I am!

Seriously, folks. Do the world’s scientists have nothing better to do than crap like this? And how can anyone, in good conscience, financially support an educational institution (University of Taiwan) if they spend their money on this? Or, were the scientists shooting for Christmas pigs, but got distracted by those millions of people dying of cancer and were only able to get half the yuletide color combo?

It just goes to prove that even really, really smart people can also be idiots.
Note: According to researchers at Harvard (who apparently have better things to do with their time than create neon swine), the genetic manipulation to create these pigs isn’t harmful – just a waste of time.

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