What IF I’m Wrong?

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There’s a popular story about Clarence Darrow, the attorney who represented the evolution side of the ancient evolution vs. creationism argument. When asked what would he say if he (Darrow) died and went to heaven and stood in front of God, Jesus and the disciples, he simply replied, “I would say, ‘Gentlemen, I was wrong.’”

Darrow’s name is associated with one of the staunchest political positions in U.S. history. His name will forever be ranked right up there in the evolution hierarchy with Scopes and Darwin.

Yet, don’t you just love his answer? “Gentlemen, I was wrong.”
I cannot count the number of times where I’ve been immoveable from a position… only to discover later that I was wrong. Folks, I hate, HATE being wrong. So, in an effort to lessen my “wrongness”, I’ve tried to adopt an approach of education. Teach me where I’m wrong; show me exactly how you have arrived at your stance. Then, maybe we’ll both learn something.

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