State of the Ignorant

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Last night was the President’s annual state of the union address. Did you watch it? I didn’t! I happened to be out at our favorite hangout fulfilling a two-year tradition of getting together every Tuesday night. Thus, I missed all the hoopla surrounding the speech.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who missed it. Today, I was running some errands with my uncle who is a HUGE fan of talk radio. Every caller seemed to have an opinion on the President’s message last night. Now, I pretty much despise the radio host we were listening to, one reason being is that the host categorizes those who call in. “Who’d you vote for?” the host asked repeatedly, never giving the caller’s point any validity. Finally, after being asked, “Who’d you vote for?” about half a dozen times, the caller admitted that he did not, in fact, vote in the last Presidential election. What the???

It amazes me how someone would be so apathetic to NOT stop by his/her polling place to participate in the Democratic process, but would wait on hold to express his/her views on a nationally syndicated radio show! Can you say “misguided”?

As a kid, my great uncle had a bumper sticker on his pickup truck;

If you don’t vote, don’t b/?*3

Six words sum up the “rules” for engaging in political discussions today.
Thanks, Uncle Les, for teaching me that lesson… with your bumper.
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