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This morning, I booked a room at a bed and breakfast in the small Ohio town where I’ll be speaking soon. My client had already told me that the owners of the B & B were really nice, but I didn’t know just how nice!

I told the owner that I’d arrive around 2 and would spend the afternoon at the college, but before heading to campus, I might want to drop off my luggage. He said, “No problem! My wife and I both work during the day, so we’ll just leave the key to the front door under the doormat. Just come on in and make yourself at home!”
Not only are these folks opening their home, but they’re trusting me with their business. And they do it so casually that it reminds me of growing up in my small, rural hometown. And sometimes I miss those simple gestures of trust.

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  • Ron Graham


    your story reminds me of the time when I promoted to Captain with the Texas prison system. The promotion took me to the small West Texas town of Lamesa. When I found a soon to be vacated house that I wanted to rent as soon as it became available, and was given the address of the landlady, I paid her a visit. I told her of my intentions and that her present renter had sent me. She said that sounded good and that she would be happy to rent to me.

    She had me fill out some minimal lease paperwork and I asked her if she wanted first and last month’s rent for a deposit, like most rental agencies would want. She said, “No. I know you now and your word is good enough for me.”

    Wow! I was floored. This was trust that I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. It was literally that my word was my bond.

    The whole town made me feel like this, that I had landed in a virtual Mayberry. However, the illusion of a utopian town vanished a few weeks later when I was listening to my radio and heard the police dispatcher call for an officer to respond to a stabbing on the town square. It was a gang fight and it let me know that even the prettiest diamonds have their flaws.

    Still, its refreshing when we find these gems, ain’t it?


  • Anonymous

    I am the mother of the client that brought you to the B&B in New Concord and I know exactly what you are talking about small town trust(boy that’s a long opening sentence!). Hailing from Boston that friendliness is quite a shock when you first encounter it!
    You sound like an incredible & courageous guy and I am looking forward to reading your book.. I work as a nurse in a hospice residence and feel truly honored to do this work. It sure helps keep things in perspective! Remember to take care of yourself so that you can continue your story forever. That Carson is a handsome dude also !! Rosie

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