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Recently, I attended the annual conference of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor ( Had a great time and thanks to all those who attended and gave me a great few days in Austin!

One of the main points I took away from the program this year came from a keynote by Christine Cashen ( Christine is a speaker from Texas who is just great on the platform, and really gave me something to think about – alter egos.

When someone acts in a way that is inconsistent with his/her usual demeanor, consider that a person’s alter ego. That the unexpected behavior is not really him / her, so don’t hold their “crime” against him / her.

Let’s face it; we all have different dimensions of our personalities. We all have things about our actions and behaviors we’d like to change. So, to name that undesirable faction of personality “alter ego” gives us a way to recognize and embrace that part of ourself that may sneak out every so often.

Thanks, Christine, for that little nugget of info!

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