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Just returned from a long, exhausting weekend in Nashville, TN, where I helped celebrate the end of bachelorhood for my bud, Ted. Congrats, Teddy, and thanks for a great time! Hope the R & R holds out until the reception weekend!

So, while a group of a dozen or so guys helped him celebrate, we ended up in the downtown clubs that, to me, are kinda like Mecca to a Muslim, specifically, a true blue honky tonk named Tootsie’s. If you can name a country singer, chances are, he or she has played there-and the joint is only the size of my living room. It was just an incredibly cool experience to be in a place that has been graced by some of my biggest musical influences; Hank Sr., Willie, Johnny Cash, and the list goes on.

At one point, I just stood there in awe of the incredible creative powers that have shared that room over the years. Quite exciting! If you get to Nashvegas and are over 21, stop on in…and wear boots. Not to fit in, but because the broken glass on the floor will slice your feet to shreds!

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