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Seven years ago today, I was speaking at a private high school here in St. Louis, Mary Institute-Country Day. As I was leaving the school, someone told me about the incident at Columbine – and the world of education changed forever.

I soon got used to having to wear a badge around the school, to being looked at suspiciously because, well, you just never know what might happen. The most horrible tragedy in recent memory dealing with schools… and today? Today in Kansas, law enforcement officials thwarted a plan to do a copycat crime. Sometimes it’s just so difficult for me to imagine that teenage life is so horrible that students would want to shoot up a school, not to mention themselves.

All I can say is that I’m glad our schools are more security minded, and I’m glad that parents try to take notice of behaviors and the computer traffic their kids have. You never know – it may just save someone’s life.

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