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First off, this is not; I repeat NOT a political commentary!

MSNBC is reporting that the jury that convicted Zacarius Moussaoui had a single (that means just one) person who voted for life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. During the deliberation, votes were taken on whether to put the terrorist to death, or to imprison him for the rest of his life. A single juror kept our country from executing this man who helped plot the Sept. 11 attacks.

Now, let me say it again, this isn’t a commentary on the news item, but this just shows how much power a single person can wield. Were it not for this one juror, we, as Americans, would have exacted what our system considers justice on this individual. One person. That’s it. And Moussaoui and death penalty opponents everywhere rejoice…thanks to a single person.
When people throw that comment around, “What can I do? I’m only one person…” it gets under my skin. Well, here’s a prime example of how one person can change the course of world events.

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