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I’m generally a big fan of talk radio, but lately, the constant political battle over the war and Iran and foreign affairs has left me disgruntled; mainly because everything seems politically motivated, not an open and honest discussion of the issue. So, I flipped on NPR while I was having lunch when what to my wondering ears did appear? A discussion of literature that has recently come off the presses, or is scheduled to this summer. The two literary critics fielded questions about what great historical novels, poetry, childrens books, etc. will soon be available.
This isn’t really anything amazing, but it brought a smile to my face at a great discussion of something meaningful that was NOT politically motivated nor anything that has to do with foreign affairs. Sometimes we just need to put something fun and positive in our brains instead of the usual dribble of talking heads coming through the idiot box.

And, if anyone is interested, I, too, am happily anticipating the next Harry Potter!

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