Mark of the Stupid

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All over the media today, there’s all this crap about today being 06-06-06. And the kind of people who believe that rock-n-roll is Satanic are stirring up all sorts of hoopla about today being a cursed day. Ya know what I call it? Tuesday.

Now, fools can say whatever they want – that’s their first amendment right. In fact, if the military would take me, I’d go to war and die for the fool’s right to spout off about 666 and the mark of the beast and Satan and the like.

The thing is, this last part isn’t just something I said right here and now; it’s simply history. The uniqueness of today is overshadowing the real history of today: the 64th anniversary of the invasion at Normandy. Nearly 4000 Allied troops died to keep dictators like Hitler from taking away the rights of all people…and what sort of respect does the American media show for these people now? Oh yeah… the re-release of “The Omen” to the big screen.

Take a minute and forget the stupidity of 06-06-06 and remember the reason we’re allowed to recognize such foolishness – the sacrafices of tens of thousands of Americans to protect our Constitutional rights.

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