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Yesterday, I went to my doctor for a physical (figure those are good to get every half decade or so). My father was with me and I invited him into the exam room, mainly so he could hang onto Carson while the doc was checking me over.

After the exam and after exhausting my laundry list of questions, she turned to my dad and asked, “Do you have any questions?” This was totally, totally appropriate. Had she come into the room and addressed my father before me, I’d have been insulted (it’s that all-too-typical thing of looking past the person with the disability and addressing the non-disabled person). Yet, she didn’t do that. She answered all of my questions. When I could think of nothing else to ask, she THEN turned to my father and asked if he had any questions. It’s the chronology that is important here – first addressing the person who is receiving the services. Then, the icing on the cake comes when the family is included. This is the sorta thing that’ll keep me going back to Dr. Christine Sigman for years to come.

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