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Robert Redford was interviewed on NPR this morning. Not about his career in film (though most callers asked entertainment related questions), but rather about his new favorite interest: the environment. After the usual complaints about how no one in government does anything positive for the environment, a reader E mailed in her question: Do you, Mr. Redford, drive a hybrid car? His answer? “Well, I have one ordered.” He further explained that all sorts of dealerships had offered him hybrid cars, but those promises never panned out. While I don’t believe him, it’s a feasible response. Still, at the very heart of this matter, it doesn’t show a whole lot of integrity.

A couple of months ago, film crews followed around several lawmakers in D.C. to see what they drove to press conferences; press conferences that were specifically about energy consumption, gas prices and how to protect the environment. What was reported (and who really knows if the media gives the full story), was that the Senators and Congressmen were driving ginormous SUVs, luxury sedans and other gas guzzlers to these environmental conferences. One showed up in a hybrid car, gave his program and then drove away in the same hybrid – only the media crew filmed him then exiting his hybrid just a block from the conference. Then, being that we know politicians have such great integrity, he proved it by then getting in an SUV that was the size of a northeastern state.

Look, everyone is a hypocrite to some extent. But to be the person who blows the horn of despair over the environment, but yet take no personal responsibility, is the paramount of hypocriticism. This isn’t just the environmental issue. It’s with anything that is a hot button issue. If you can’t walk it like you talk it, then shut up!

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