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When Hurricane Katrina hit the N’Orleans area, we saw one of the stupidest, stupidest things ever witnessed-the government handing out $2000 debit cards to people who were displaced. Now, before you call me a cold hearted, penny-pinching conservative, I was all for this…but no one, NO ONE in their right mind wanted to see these cards have no limitations as to purchases. In the last few days, worst fears are confirmed. Porn videos, booze, strip clubs-precisely what you’d expect if you gave out federal monies with no restrictions.

Well, who’d have thunk it, but Hooters restaurants are now a pretty good place, in my book at least. Granted, they’re overpriced, the wings aren’t that great and sometimes I’m a little afraid of what I might catch in there, but hey, live on the edge, right?

Well, one of the ridiculous purchases made on a debit card was a $200 bottle of DP; a champagne only consumed by people with too much money and too little sense. Well, FEMA ran up a cool $1 billion on these debit cards and they’ve been crying the blues ever since the report came back telling how abused this program was. Well, Hooters offered(and the feds accepted), a reimbursement of the $200 bottle of champagne. Who’d have thunk owls were so generous?


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