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Last Wednesday, during the height of excitement and fun at Camp TAMBO, I received a call that my very good friend, Tempe Humphrey, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

For those who’ve read the 2nd edition of my autobiography, you met Tempe as my main superior when I interned with the Missouri Division. of Highway Safety while a junior in college. Tempe was the youth safety specialist and helped establish my career as a professional speaker, simply by introducing me to various youth and safety organizations around the state. Tempe and hr husband, David, became good friends – so much so that when Dasher, my first Seeing Eye dog, retired he was lovingly adopted into the Humphrey household. Last Tuesday, Tempe and her husband were riding their motorcycle when they were struck by a truck. Tempe died almost immediately and David was critically injured.

Both the visitation and funeral were held before my week of camp had ended. Could I have left camp early to pay my final respects to Tempe? Sure. Did I think about it? Sure. But when it gets right down to it, I think Tempe would have wanted me to be where I was, doing what I do. She’d dedicated the last decade plus to helping youth, and I hope the work I did with the young people at Camp TAMBO did, in someway, help to carry on the legacy Tempe has left behind.

She will be missed. Terribly.

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    I am so sorry to hear that. And I have no idea what else to say except that I’ll pray for you and Tempe’s family and friends. Oh and I’m sure the legacy was left at TAMBO. You did amazing stuff last week.


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