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This morning, my favorite morning talk show had a guest in the studio, baseball Hall of Famer, Lou Brock. Listeners were invited to call in and give their favorite memories of Lou and I was sorta surprised by those who did.

There were no calls about, “Hey, in the 1974 series with the Cubs, you stole three bases… I was in the crowd that day!” In fact, there was very little focus on his “on the field” life-most everything was the personal connections Mr. Brock had with people in the outside world.

One woman, now in her 40s, called to say she’d won a contest in the mid-70s and she, as a little girl, got to hang out in the Cardinals dugout and talk to the players. She has a pic of her sitting on Brock’s lap with Hall of Famer Red Schoendist to her side. Another caller thanked Lou for all the work he has done in the past with camps for children who are deaf and hearing impaired. Another thanked him for the time he spent talking to her son five years ago at a charity event.

Here is Lou Brock who is most well-known for his baseball abilities… and the biggest testament to his life is that his actions off the field are even more meaningful. THAT is the way we should all live – that our actions both in our professional careers AND in our private lives reflect one another.

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