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Fox News is currently running a segment where accomplished Americans share experiences from their childhood that helped propel them to success. Bill Russell had this to say and I thought it was quite profound and a lesson for us all:

A Special for Young People
By Uma Pemmaraju
Sunday, July 2 at 10 p.m. ET, FOX News presents

NBA great
Bill Russell says he doesn’t feel comfortable being described as an icon or a legend. He simply says his greatest achievement is that, “I am my father’s son. My father was my hero.” When he was about 5 years old, Russell’s father talked to him in very interesting way. He describes a conversation where his father said, “If you decide to be a ditch digger here in this town, find out how well you can do it. What I want for you is that after you’ve done it for awhile, they’ll be people in New York, California and Florida talking about how well you do your job.” Russell’s father meant that whatever you do, find out what’s essential to make it good or successful and not only excel at it, but use your imagination and see how far you can take it.

Despite his towering height, Russell is a soft-spoken and gentle man who really wants to reach out and help young people who often don’t have parents or a mentor to turn to. He believes that his success as a champion basketball player is simply one chapter in his life and that his life is meaningful in so many other ways whether it’s spending time with his family or working to help youngsters who have dreams of becoming basketball stars. Russell says life is full of possibilities and often thinks about his mother’s advice: “You can’t know love unless you love yourself.”


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