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A few months ago, my Rotary Club invited a local guy, John O’Leary, to speak to our club. In my 18 months of being a Rotarian and sitting through meetings every week, John is, hands down, the best speaker I’ve heard speak in front of this club. His message? As a nine-year-old-kid, John was severely burned over nearly his entire body. Through long months and years of surgeries, rehab and therapy, he stayed positive with support from family, friends and even some nationally known sports stars. John has now become a friend and colleague in the speaking biz, sharing his message of overcoming this trauma and working to better the community and the world. John is also a chaplin at a local children’s hospital, runs a non-for-profit agency and consistently volunteers for lots of great programs like Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

So, here’s why I’m writing about him! John has been nominated for the Energizer Battery “Keep Going” Hall of Fame and is one of ten finalists. Quite an honor! The thing is, to win the contest, we need to help John get votes. As many as possible. That’s where you come in! Please visit John’s web site:


And vote for him! You can also do this through the energizer.com site, but come on, stop by John’s site and take a look at an amazing story while you’re there! Also, drop him an E mail and let him know you’re a friend of mine, or leave a comment on the blog – we want him to win this and know where all his support came from! Thanks, folks!

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