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Today, on my favorite radio talkshow, the question was posed: If you could go back and see a 15 year old version of yourself, what would you now, as an adult, tell that teenager?

This question was posed by Dave Glover and Glenn Beck on 97.1 FM here in The Lou. I listen to the Dave Glover Show almost every day when I’m in town and I can truly, truly say that this show has enriched my life and knowledge bank more than any form of media ever has. It’s due to thought-provoking questions like this that make me stop and say, “Huh…I wonder what I WOULD tell that 15 year old Marcus.” There are a million things that this 31 year old version of myself would like to share, but let’s face it – we can’t swallow large amounts of information. So, I think it’d all break down to this – I must speak to that kid on the level where he could receive the information. No long, drawn out philosophical discussions about life, love and the human experience are going to stick in his head. So, what I’d tell him is this, “Kid, the Beatles said it best, Ob La Di, Ob La Dah, life goes on.” Yep, Life goes on. Simple and what is quite possibly the most universal of all truths. What would you tell the 15 year old version of yourself? Is it the same thing you’d have said a few years ago? Think it’ll be the same five years from now? Either way, just be sure you’re living the advice you’d give yourself – no one likes a hypocrite.

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