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IL Senator Barack Obama recently made a speech to a religious renewal organization in Washington, D.C. A friend sent me the text of the speech and, just because I like all things political, I read the entire thing. I’m not making any statements on what Sen. Obama said in this speech, but he finished his speech with a short story.
During the last election, Sen. Obama received an E mail from a constituent who also happens to be a college professor. The professor said that his beliefs were in conflict with what Sen. Obama’s political stance is, yet, he still may vote for him.

However, there was one catch: something the professor read on Sen. Obama’s web site.
Apparently, the Senator’s staff had created the site using the (as he stated) “boiler plate” rhetoric of his party. The web site statements conflicted with a speech recently given by the Senator and were, in fact, insulting to the constituent.

THIS is where Senator Obama showed character as few politicians do: he looked at his stance, his speech and the wording on the web site. Which one was not congruent with the others? The web site. And the wording was changed immediately.

Do any other politicians have this much character? If so, we certainly don’t hear it in the headlines – and that is shameful. This makes me wish I lived in IL and could vote for the guy!

To read the full text of the speech, click here:

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