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In southern California, there is a place where adults can go and be kids again…well, if you’re a woman, that is. Camp Getaway is designated for women of any age, but seems aimed more for the 30-something and 40-something set who want to get out of mommy/wife mode for a few days. Catering to the creature comforts of their target market, they also have spa treatments and things that will go past the usual campy activities of canoeing and sing-a-longs. Finally! Finally, adults are seeing that going back to childhood; a concept called “re-juveniling” is seen as beneficial to adults!

Before I spent a week counseling at Camp TAMBO last month, one of my buds asked, “Why does a 31 year old man want to go to camp for a week?” Because where else can I eat s’mores that aren’t of the Pop Tart variety? Where else can I go to bed smelling like a campfire? Where else can I get sun burnt, tick-bitten and go without a shower for days on end and, of course, love it all the while?

I get “re-juveniled” every summer, whether it’s through TAMBO or Camp Miniwanca in Michigan, but those truly ARE kid camps. Still, who can deny the benefit that going back to childhood (temporarily) can bring? Come on! Let your inner child out! Just because you’re past puberty doesn’t mean you have to act like an adult!

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    Ha! Great reminder for all of us! Thanks!

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