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I am sick, SICK of hearing about Mel Gibson’s anti-seimetic remarks. I do not care what Mr. Gibson thinks of Jews. I do not care what he thinks of women. I don’t care what he thinks about God, religion, history, or World War II. This is America and we’re granted (right there in the first amendment) freedom of speech. In Mel’s case, this is freedom to spout off and sound like a total jackass. So, can we stop caring about if he hates Jews already? Here’s something no one wants to admit: hate, by itself, has never killed a single person. Hate has to be mixed with lynch mobs and ropes, guns and whips, furnaces and gas showers to kill anyone. Again, hate, by itself, just makes an individual look like an idiot.

While hate has never killed a person, DWI kills over 15,000 people in America every year. Look at that number again: 15,000. That is five times the number of people as were killed on 9-11. And where’s our war on impaired driving? Where’s our outrage and literally tens of thousands of hours of talkshow time devoted to something that actually kills people? It’s no where, at least not when talking about ol’ Mel.

Look, Mel Gibson was drunk as a skunk and driving over twice the speed limit when he was pulled over. Do we look at that? No! Not as much as the fact he lipped off to an officer about religious bigotry which hurt NO ONE except Gibson himself (i.e., hurt his name by making him look like a hater).

Let’s get off this kick of looking at his views and start persecuting him for the real crime.

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