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Today’s USA Today reports that Robin Williams is back in rehab. After drying out from coke and booze in the post – Mork and Mindy era, he went on to make some of (what I consider) the best movies of my lifetime: Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, just to name a few.

Apparently, he started hitting the bottle again recently and, as a proactive measure, checked himself back into rehab. Props to him! I still think that checking oneself into rehab is one of the gutsiest things that can be asked of anyone. It takes a ton of humility and strength and bravery to admit… “yep, I’m outta control. I either admit it or I die.”

Many addicts I’ve known say that for so long, they wouldn’t admit they had a problem. Then, by the time they DO admit it, they’re in so far over their heads they wonder if they can get out. Again, props to Robin Williams for not allowing himself to get in over his head a second time.

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