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With all the craziness that’s gone on in England over the last 48 or so hours, it’s made some big changes in U.S. air travel. These aren’t changes that will inconvenience anyone for more than a few minutes. I mean, what is the worst case scenario here? I have to check my entire duffle bag instead of carrying it on because I have a bottle of hair gel. Or I can’t carry my Starbucks on the flight. That’s really about it. Maybe more scrutiny at the checkpoint, but that’s a given. We are at red alert for the first time since the U.S. implemented the terror threat coloring system. People who I heard on radio call in shows this morning have no concept of this-it’s all about how they can’t carry a fountain soda on a flight. For the love of all things holy, folks, it is not your right as an American to drink a latte on a plane. Heck, it isn’t even your right to fly. I’ll be on at least two flights in the next seven days and, I’m sure, it’ll be different. But lest we forget – this IS for our own safety.

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  • Mountain Mama

    Interesting observations. I was on a trip for the Red Cross in Washington DC when the London thing hit. We cleaned out our carryons ahead of time and got through with very little hassle. When we arrived back in St. Louis, TSA was searching hand luggage at the gates-sort of. They would open a deep case and pat around the edges at the top. That made me feel so UNsafe. If they are going to restrict and inconvenience us, let’s make it count for something. Do a search that has half a chance of finding something. THEN I’ll fee safer!

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