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A certain airline that shall remain nameless recently filed for bankruptcy. Shocking, I know. I’d normally give this airline’s name, but I’m booked on them this fall and I don’t want bad karma to bite me in the butt. Anyway, after filing for bankruptcy and having the potential of laying off thousands of workers, the company printed up a booklet and distributed it to employees. The booklet? How to Save Money. In it were suggestions like:

bring a brown bag lunch
don’t be afraid to dig things out of the trash
instead of taking a date to dinner, go for a walk on the beach or in the woods

Anyone else see this as a total slap in the face? The folks are about to lose their jobs and what idiot in the company thinks it’s a good idea to now show workers how to save bread? Ridiculous.

What surprises me more than anything isn’t the idea, but how many steps this has to go through. No where along the way did someone say, “Ya know, this doesn’t seem real smart.” Think of it: the board room to the wordsmiths, the graphic designers, the printers, the distribution, the passing out of the book to the employees. As if a potential pink slip isn’t bad enough!

The sheer insensitivity of people is sometimes shocking. Okay, okay, often shocking.

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