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A few months ago, I was considering taking some computer classes, just to expand my knowledge. I’d like to be able to fix some problems if they arise, diagnose my own machine, that sorta thing. Then, news flash! I have never, EVER had any desire to work with computers. Sure, I work on a computer every day, but it’s to run my business. I want nothing to do with a business that revolves around the computer. Dig? So, after little consideration (mainly because it was a no brainer), I decided I’d rather just call in the experts if I have problems. I need to do what I do best-speak, write, market my services and help people in that way. I’ll leave the CPU stuff to people who have a passion for it.

So, just bought a new laptop and had my fav computer company, NCD Tech, set it all up. I lovingly refer to this company as “the cavalry.” Why? Because they are the reinforcements I call in when I need help. My technological 911. They did an excellent job, not only working on my new machine, but helping to iron out any problems that arise due to the screen reading software I utilize. So, I share this info with you and, if you’re local, try out the company:

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    Isn’t it great we have such different passions! Keep doing what you love – we all benefit!

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