I Wouldn’t Change It

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In today’s USA Today in the Life section, there is a great article by Colleen Clark. It deals with the class of ’06 from Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans.

With all the crap the media fed us after Katrina, a group of documentarians in D.C. went to N’Orleans to find the stories the media was NOT telling us. The good, heartfelt stories of people helping out their neighbors in a time of crisis. They focused this on the seniors at Franklin High, the fall semester they could not be in their own school, their return to the school in January of this year and all the usual class “stuff” that binds a senior’s memories of their final year to a place.
What struck me most was one senior (now college freshman’s) remarks: “If I could change Katrina, I wouldn’t.”

Anyone else feel like this young man? That, even through some of the worst experiences imaginable, good still rose to the surface and overshadowed the bad? I do. And I’ll continue to choose to see the good in the bad. In this tragedy and in others. And props to Jordan Bridges, the young man who said just that, for having the maturity and insight to see Katrina as something that adds character to his life.


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