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Have you seen “Little Miss Sunshine“? No? Then get yourself to the theater ASAP!

Yesterday, I sat through a Saturday matinee to watch this new flick. It was the first time I’d sat in a commercial movie theater since Pacino in “Insomnia” in 02. Generally, I have way too little attention to dedicate 120 minutes of my life to a movie, but something just told me I had to go see this show (yes, it was a girl).

Anyway, here’s the scoop: a dysfunctional family travels cross country in a junky VW bus to take the youngest child, Olive, to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California. In addition to being the cutest kid since Olivia on “The Cosby Show“, Olive is the kind of kid we can all learn from. In fact, everyone in the fam teaches some sort of lesson. Wait! Did I say they’re dysfunctional? Yes… and they are! But, by the end of the movie, their dysfunction turns to function. Not in some happy ending sorta way, but in a manner where they realize that life goes on, dysfunction or not.

While this flick is a bit of a copy of the classic Lampoon’s “Vacation“, it’s still definitely worth your hard earned $8. And, if you’ve seen it, drop a comment – I’d love to know what you thought of it!

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