Lost Dogs and Terror

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In the four years I’ve had Carson, there have been at least two instances when he’s turned into a “real” dog; I.E., he’s forgotten that he’s a well trained Seeing Eye dog and acted like a normal, happy-go-lucky lab. Twice in recent memory, he’s found a path to the outside world and went exploring – he didn’t get very far since he felt the need to stop and sniff everything, but for the few moments from realization to his safe return, my heart simply stopped.

So, I’m in Florida right now and streamed in my favorite STL radio station on the ol’ laptop. First thing I hear is an unfamiliar voice. Normally at this time of day, the airways of 97.1 FM are filled with the rantings of Laura Ingram; a young, conservative, dynamic radio host out of D.C. However, there’s some odd dude sitting in her place. Why? Because her yellow lab, Troy, pulled Carson’s disappearing trick.

First off, right now, I feel for the girl. Second, how cool is it that that Laura called in to work, took the day off and is now combing the neighborhood looking for her pup? We’re not talking a normal job here – we’re talking national media which bends the ear of millions of Americans. To put that responsibility on the backburner to search out her dog shows her absolute love and commitment to her pet. Best of luck in your search, Laura!


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