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So, today I had my hair cut and styled by my favorite stylist, Becca. Ever since I left behind the days of haircuts being done by one of my buds with a trimmer in the garage, I’ve gone to Becca. So, who cares, right? Well, I do, obviously, but today, she said something that made me smile.

See, I first went to Becca about a year ago. I asked her what product was designed for a wafro like mine. I took her suggestion and have been sold on this product ever since. So, today, I thanked her for that recommendation and told her, “That is the best stuff I’ve ever used!” She was so happy I told her and said, “Thanks for letting me know that! It’s always so great to hear that something I suggested works well!” Becca’s appreciation for my recognition of her recommendation was such a genuine reaction. I love genuine reactions! So, take some time to thank those who’ve helped you or have given you suggestions – you might just make their day!

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