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On a day when the school shooting in Canada tops the media, here in St. Louis, we also had an incident involving students and guns. At a local high school, Westminster Christian Academy, a suicidal teenager brought a gun to school. The police were called in, the gun was waved in such a manner to threaten the officers and the student was shot in the leg.

If the student was truly suicidal…did no one see this coming? I had the honor of speaking to the students at Westminster around two years ago. This is a top-notch facility. Private, clean, well-behaved students, crime free, the whole nine yards. With such a positive environment, how did no one notice this suicidal teen?

In almost every case of suicide, afterward, friends say they did, in retrospect, see some signs – but they didn’t know what the signs were nor how to deal with them. All I can hope is that we all take a little further time to learn to be cognizant of the actions of others.


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  • tim

    this goes to show you that this type of thing exists in all walks of life.

    i am a graduate of westminster christian academy in creve couer, and am in shock over the number of gun incidents involving this school (current student AND alum) in the past year.

    i blogged about the other incident a few months ago.

    good post.

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