Maybe Joan Baez Had It Right

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One of the most powerful songs on the original compilation from Woodstock 1969 was Joan Baez’s song “Joe Hill.” My apologies if this isn’t the exact title and I’m not even sure if she’s the one who wrote the tune. Anyway, it’s a powerful song about the power that comes from organization. I.E., one person has a voice, but a group of people with the same message can make a lot more headway.

So, Thursday night, Baltimore Orioles fans proved this. Make no bones about it, the Orioles have sucked big time for the last decade or so. And fans are fed up with their birds not being contenders. So, nearly 1000 fans dressed alike and walked out of Thursday night’s game at Camden Yard. And what did it do? It showed the rest of the MLB just how much they care and want their birds to win-but it was also to show O’s ownership they’re ready to pay higher ticket prices to see a winning team.

Can you imagine this site? 1000 fans, all dressed in black, exiting the stadium at once-wow! And yet, this week, two “world leaders” who spit out anti-American rhetoric visit NYC and the protest has a couple of dozen people show up. Does this speak to our sheer stupidity as Americans? Props to the O’s fans for organizing themselves, and shame on the rest of us for being shown by baseball fans exactly how we should band together.

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  • JT Chandler

    Marcus you’re dead on! It pisses me off too that we ignore these swine. However, they are not world leaders, no more than Castro is a world leader. They are like a neighbor’s yapping mutt, they’re irritating, they may bite, but for the most part they are simply an annoyance. If they get too bad the dog catcher final comes or they simply disappear. History repeats itself again and again and the same self absorbed types like Danny Glover, Jane Fonda ,Barbara Streisand keep showing up to support these 5th century barbarians spewing their Utopian platitudes. Lenin referred to them as “useful idiots” and they still don’t get it. Rest assure we have men of character and resolve running the show and the majority of this country’s populace understands that and this is why we don’t need to pile into the streets when these turds arrive from time to time.

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