October 9 – Happy Anniversary?

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Why do we know one another? From you hearing me speak? Or reading an article or book I’ve written? If so, then the whole reason I speak and write is centered around the events that went down thirteen years ago today.

In years past, I’d recognize this date with a piss poor pity party attended by my friends in Pink Floyd and with far too many libations raised to days gone by. This year? I hadn’t even thought about it until I got an E mail from my girlfriend this morning. It just really doesn’t matter any more. It’s not something I celebrate, it’s not something I dread, it is just what it is – another day on the calendar.

If you’ve read my autobiography or heard me present, you may recall the stories about Ron, my buddy in Texas. Strangely, Ron and I met in Jersey while receiving our first Seeing Eye dogs. It was there that we discovered we were both blind due to car wrecks – car wrecks that happened the very same night. Car wrecks that left us both blind. Weird, I know.

Ron calls this his “re-birthday.”

A time to celebrate the life he now has.
Check out his thoughts on this day at:


For me? This little blog blurb is about the only recognition I think I’ll have. And, for me, this is the best way to show that this day no longer has any power – it is what it is: another day on the calendar. Thanks to all who give me support on this day, but honestly? I don’t really need anything other than to continue to live the way I do every day – with passion, with commitment and love. Happy re-birthday to you, Ron, and happy Monday to me…

and all of us, for that matter.


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    happy monday to you!
    and here’s to many, many, many more…

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