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Thanks to Holy Infant 7th graders who were such a fun group to work with today! Special thanks to Kelsey, Mary and Dena for hanging around afterwards to give Carson some extra lovin’! Also, thanks to all of you for the cool Holy Infant sweatshirt! With as cold as it got today, I wore it tonight!

Thanks to the Rockwood ILC program, too. You guys are a great group of students and thanks for laughing at my jokes! Sorry if I grossed any of you guys out, but it’s called reality – and, as you can tell, I’m not really a guy who sugar coats stuff. Thanks again!

Thanks to the 7th and 8th grade at Selvidge Middle School in Ballwin. I think I could have answered your questions until I turned 80 and there would have still been more! I loved it!

And for all students I spoke for in the last few days, you guys have doubled my MySpace friends! Thanks! I feel popular now! And keep watching for more pics coming soon!

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