The Election Results?

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I was E chatting with a few friends today. Every conversation seemed to revolve around the election results. Now, one of the friends I was talking with is so right wing he makes Rush look like a dirt hippie, and another one of my conversational partners IS a dirt hippie. Both had very spicy ideas on how we got here and where the country is headed. Granted, I have some pretty strong opinions, too, but the biggest thing I think about the election is this: it happened. No matter the outcome, we, as Americans, have already won. Why? Because we know what democracy is, we choose our leaders and, even if the pool of applicants is slim pickin’s, well, we still get the choice of the lesser of two or three or four evils.

So, no matter what your feelings are today in wake of the turnover in D.C., take a few minutes to be thankful we live in a free country where we have the ability to get hacked off at the government and, if we don’t like it, change it in a couple of years!

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