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First, it’s “National Thaw Out Your Turkey Day.” Unless you’re my Grandma Bernie and I’ll be sitting at your table one week from today, you can ignore this. Really, I don’t care. If you like your turkey frozen or raw, it’s your business.

Second, I just got back from my weekly Kirkwood Rotary meeting. Today’s program was the Kirkwood High foot ball team who are about one game away from getting into the state finals. As a former high school football player, I think this is cool. But what is more cool than that is that the principal and superintendent were also at the meeting. When it came time to Q & A with the players, the principal asked one of the linemen, “Hey, tell them what you got on your SATs.” The Kirkwood principal gets it. As awesome as a state championship would be, as great as it feels to be young and accomplishing a teenager’s dream, there ain’t nothing more important for high schoolers than academics. As my dad said growing up, “School is your job. Do your job well.”

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