The Lesson of Burritos

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I got back into town just a few nights ago. Three weeks on the road equals an empty cupboard and fridge for your ol’ pal, Marcus. So, as I’m cooking up about the only thing I have (frozen burritos), I’m kinda disgruntled. I mean, I really want a big, heavy, meat laden sandwich with melted cheese. Alas, I’m headed out in a few hours to grocery shop and, until then, I’ll have to be happy with my burritos. But, I’m not.

So, listening to NPR’s “The Splendid Table” radio show which is, of course, describing all these succulent traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Well, in the midst of me wishing I had something that didn’t end with a vowel, a caller states how 37 years ago, he was diagnosed with a food allergy. Not just any food allergy, but where he couldn’t eat seafood, nuts and a list of about half a dozen other staples of life. Well, then he went to a new allergist and, shocker of all shockers, his earlier food allergy diagnosis was incorrect. So, instead of being angry over the 37 year he spent staying out of restaurants and dinner parties due to the menu, he’s asking advice on what is in season now so he can really knock his own socks off with a first meal of seafood.

For longer than I’ve been alive, this man has been limited. And I’m complaining about burritos? Hence, you guessed it… now – I shut up. Be thankful for what you have. Many, many people have nothing at all.

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