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By now, everyone has heard Michael Richards’ comments screamed from stage. Racist, yes, stupid, yes. What’s worse? The certain follow-up where we’re all manipulated to feel sorry for ol’ Michael.

This sorta thing happens every time a celeb gets in trouble-we saw it with Mel Gibson earlier this year, Pat O’Brien and his phone messages to a young lady he met in a bar, it just seems the same old, same old. A celebrity gets caught doing something idiotic and, instead of owning up to stupidity, they play the victim-Michael Richards is saying he’s now doing “personal work” to become a better person. Gibson and Pat both immediately checked themselves into rehab. Uh, there is no rehab for stupidity. Yet, once someone does a stupid act, their next move is to act like it wasn’t their fault; “Oh, I’m an alcoholic…THAT’s why I made those comments. I have a problem. I’m working on it. Feel sorry for me.” Please. Personal accountability seems all but lost in our world.

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