That’s Supposed To Be Insulting?

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If you’re like me and suffering through a turkey-induced coma last Thursday, thank your lucky stars. If you were dancing with Mr. Sandman, then you probably missed the embarrassing display by the Detroit Lions’ staff before their game against the Miami Dolphins.

As Joey Harrington, The Dolphins’ QB was introduced, the scoreboard flashed up a shot of his face and began playing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” This was apparently meant as a jab at Harrington’s talent as a pianist – a talent that is well founded enough that he played on stage with Dave Matthews.

So, I ask you, if Joey is proud of his talent and ready to showcase it in front of a live audience with one of the biggest rock stars on earth, does it stand to reason that he’d be embarrassed when Detroit tags him as “The Piano Man”? Not likely.

Just goes to prove – being unconcerned with another’s insults is the best way to deflect them.

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