Bad Customer Service… For the Right People!

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Flew from Orlando to New Orleans today. Right after I got on, a couple with two little girls gets on. The husband sits the girls down in the front row and, par their custom, the SWA flight attendant informed the family that the front row has more leg room, yes, but all bags have to go in overhead AND there were no tray tables. As soon as the flight attendant gets this out of his mouth, the wife turns and snarls at the husband, “You idiot!” Being a good husband, he ignores her. The wife sits down with her purse on her lap and the flight attendant says, “Did I say just some bags in the overhead compartment? No! ALL bags in the overhead compartment!” I was a bit surprised at his saucy talk to her, but he got the last laugh. When she spits at the flight attendant and says, “I am NOT putting my purse up there!” He smiles, points to an entire plane that is virtually empty. Even my blind self can pick up on the smug, “Gotcha!” coming off of him.

And, he won!

I’m always a big fan of customer service, but when people are as ignorant to others as this woman was, she deserves to be put in her place. Thanks for another smile, SWA!

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