Happy Blogday To Me!

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Engel’s Ensights, Marcus Engel’s blog, has now been active for one year! Yup, Dec. 8 of 05, I posted my first blog entry. Thanks to all who’ve read, commented and learned from the random stuff I throw out there on a daily basis!

So, when doing a bit of research, I wanted to find out about the blogosphere. Easier said than done. Why? Because there are discrepancies on just how many blogs exist. The NY Times says 10 million. But the Blog Herald says 60 million. Some estimates are over 150 million. Uh, just a teensy bit of difference there, eh? Either way, one thing that DOES seem to be agreed on is that blogs are often started…then abandoned (poor little homeless blogs).

I knew when starting my blog that to make it successful, I’d have to post every day. That became my goal. Have I accomplished it? Nope! There’ve been quite a few days I’ve missed in 06, but more days than not, I’ve gotten a post up. Sometimes funny, sometimes random, sometimes opinionated, Engel’s Ensights has become an outlet for me to share info with those in my reading audience. And since you’re one of those people, thank you. Here’s to another year of blog-o-riffic fun!


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  • JT Chandler

    Blog on Marcus and congratulations!

    I found your post today on the front page of Outpost-Earth and wanted to stop by and say thanks for always signing up and supporting me when I come calling.

    Here’s to another year mate!

    JT Chandler

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