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Today I had lunch with an elderly businessman who, when he was working, was quite successful. He said something that I’d already been thinking about earlier today; the simple action of telling someone, “No.”

We are so inundated with work, home lives, volunteer opportunities, social lives, etc. etc. etc. that sometimes, our worlds are just one constant motion. And if you’re in that situation now? Then Bud’s little lesson is a great one to learn – learn to say, “No.”

No, I can’t fit one more holiday party in this season.
No, I can’t grab dinner any night this week.
No, I can’t take on an extra project for which I do not get paid.

If people learned to say “No” at appropriate times, and be guilt-free after doing so, they might find their world running a little smoother. I personally have had to work hard to tell people no, but now that I’m good with it and use it when appropriate, I have to say, it has given me such a feeling of relief and fulfillment. The true wisdom comes when learning to turn down a request and when to accept one. We’ll worry about how to know the difference in a future blog entry (I may still have to figure that one out!)

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