Re-gifting Vs. Ethics

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A few days ago, saw an interview with a “business expert” who touts himself as, “The Ethics Guy.” His subject was “re-gifting”; the idea of giving someone else a Christmas gift that you yourself received. I won’t honor/advertise the guy’s name because, as you’ll now read, I think he’s kinda full of crap.

We’ve all received a gift for the holidays we didn’t like. And we’ve all wondered, “Hmmm, I wonder if I can give this to someone else!” Get rid of it; fill that “need” to give another a gift without actually buying one and just simply the idea of pawning off a white elephant on someone else.

Well, as the guy talked, he kept giving all sorts of pieces of advice on how not to get caught: regift only to someone out of town, to a person who the original gifter does not know, if the original gifter loves the gift to be sure to let that person see you enjoying it before you secretly give it away. Everything he said had something to do with deceiving the original giver through secrecy. Granted, he did state that you shouldn’t do this if you’re not comfortable with it, but to blatantly speak of deceiving someone doesn’t sound like it’s congruent with someone calling himself, “The Ethics Guy.”

Personally, if I get a gift I don’t dig, it goes to the Salvation Army or Goodwill sometime down the road. If it DOES go to another person, I’ll flat out tell them I received it as a gift, I didn’t like it/it doesn’t fit, whatever, but be up front and honest. It’s really the only way to be. You don’t have to be “An Ethics Guy” to figure that one out.

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