Lessons From Bald Women

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Yesterday, I was at my ENT’s office to do my every-so-often ear maintenance. Considering I’m down one of my five senses, I try to take pretty good care of my remaining four! Well, after waiting nearly 45 minutes for the doc, I was getting pretty disgruntled. I was quiet and respectful, but still kinda pissy about wasting my time. Then, three or four women in the waiting room start questioning me about Carson. I’m always happy to share information, but when I was already frustrated, I wasn’t as outgoing as I usually am. It was right around this time that my girlfriend leaned over and said, “You and I are the only two in the room with hair.”

You may think this a bit odd, but not when you learn that this doctor’s office is in a cancer center. And each of these four women were undergoing chemo of some sort. Have any idea how hard it is to be frustrated over a tardy doc when you’re surrounded by cancer patients? A quick lesson – there’s always someone who has problems that make yours look like child’s play.

Thank you to the four wonderful ladies I sat with yesterday for teaching me that. Even I forget these things from time to time.


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