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Thousands of folks who were traveling home for the holidays have been taking up residence in snowbound Denver International Airport. Can you imagine anything more crappy? Excited to get home for the holidays and… two plus feet of snow grounds flights out the wazoo. People have been taking up residence all throughout the terminal and at the gate area for the last couple of days and, as necessity is the mother of invention, some folks are making the best of it. A private in the U.S. Army is returning home from basic training. When asked what he’d been doing to kill time, he (I love this!) said he’d been interacting with as many females as possible – being stuck in a barracks with 40 dudes will make a man want to do that! Additionally, this private helped set up a makeshift movie theater in the main terminal for kids to watch DVDs to pass the time.

No one would ever, EVER want to be stuck in an airport instead of home for the holidays, but I’m betting there’ll be some folks who will, even through all the frustration, see this as their best Christmas ever!

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