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You’d better thank your lucky stars if you’re one of the few who isn’t out shopping today. No longer is the day after Thanksgiving the busiest shopping day of the year. Now, as stated by the tale of the tape, it’s the Saturday prior to Christmas. Throw in the fact that Christmas is a mere two days away and you’ve got the makings for one ridiculous day of retail hell.

This morning, I was out and about to get a few last minute gifts. And know where I had the most pleasurable shopping experience? Honey Baked Ham store, of all places. Stopped in to grab a sandwich for lunch and found three uniformed police officers directing traffic in the parking lot. Once inside the store, they had it arranged with roped “chutes” like you’d have at DisneyWorld before getting on Space Mountain. Even with wall to wall patrons, we were still in and out in under five minutes. And along the way? Workers handing out samples of carrott cake, ham and other little tasty treats. The workers were incredibly friendly and I can chalk that up to one thing: organization. When everything was set to flow smoothly, even with heavy customer traffic, it made the entire shopping experience that much more enjoyable. Lesson learned – everything is better with pork!


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