Now Offering: Marcus Gives Doggie Massage!

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Just saw that the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida is offering doggie massage to canine guests. The cost? A cool $130 per hour.

In September 2002, I was in Morristown, NJ at The Seeing Eye training with my newly acquired pooch, Carson. One evening, we students were trained in the practice of doggie massage. This took a few hours and, as you may guess, Carson loved every minute of it! So, I’m thinking this may be a new professional route for me…after all, I do have over 11 years of working with highly trained dogs, have been trained by the premier dog training institute in the world in doggie massage and, just ask Carson…I’m great at it! So, folks…here’s my offer…bring your pooch over and I’ll give him/her a true blue doggie massage…and I’ll only charge $100(my massage therapist is half that much, but she wasn’t trained by the Seeing Eye!)

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