The Pursuit of Happiness

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Just watched Will Smith’s “The Pursuit of Happiness.” In it, Will Smith plays a recently divorced dad who is trying to create a better life for he and his son. Daddy(a.k.a. The Fresh Prince) is hanging with his son and playing basketball at the park on one of his few afternoons off while working two jobs. After playing a while, Will Smith tells his son something to the effect of, “Okay, that’s enough Bball for one day-you need to spend your time doing other things than playing ball because it’s never going to get you anywhere.”
Then, realizing he just put a limitation on his own kid, Smith’s character says, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something-not even me.”
Not even me. Prime example of practicing what one preaches, but moreso, I love that as soon as it was out of his mouth, he caught himself-and corrected it! Doing something wrong is one thing, knowing you just did something wrong and correcting yourself is quite another.
If you’ve got an extra $10 laying around, your money could be spent in worse places than checking out this film. And, you never know…you may just learn something!

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